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My little brother is the artist...I like to write. I once asked him to draw some characters for me. He said he would but never got around to it so I decided to draw my own myself. At first they were ridiculous looking, but as I kept drawing and drawing them they began to look better and better. I realized I could actually draw pretty well with practice.

Now I drew some of the characters for my story. It's one thing to imagine them but it's quite another to see them before you. Sometimes I came up with totally new characters trying to draw others that never came out right. As of now I only really draw the faces. I noticed I'm exceptional with eyes. I want to get good enough to draw really detailed faces but I think I heard that a good writer leaves a little wiggle room by not over-detailing so I'll lay off that.

Long story short, I can draw now. I won't be making any anime's anytime soon, but just being able to see my characters was kind of a cool gift. I've hung them up on my walls.
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