Nuclear Weapons (opinion)

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I was kinda wondering about the whole American stance on nuclear weapons thing. You we have this thing where we tell a nation that does not do what we want them doing whether or not they can have nuclear weapons or not.

First question is...why is it a crime for a country to have a nuclear weapon? It's common sense for a nation to have self-defense. Certainly no one else is going to do it for them. he UN is merely a reflection of the leading world powers who all couldn't care if these nations in question were free or slaves if it profited them in some way. it nuclear weapons we don't like them having or nuclear POWER? I don't hear the denial of nuclear weapons as much as I do the denial of enriching uranium period. This means that we don't want them to have nuclear power at all. Why? Not really for defense purposes. Believe me...if you were allowed to count the amount of nuclear weapons the United States has you would totally realize the epic foolishness of every targeting us with one. Especially for a nation just getting ready to make such weapons. This would be like me getting my first gun and running out to take shoots at a Marine Base. I think the US doesn't want them to have nuclear power because that would be a major step to such a nation becoming independent. Independent people cannot be controlled and they certainly don't want to have their own power and influence in the region challenged by a strong, independent state.

Third...Does anyone ever consider the US's backing of Israel to be a bit too disproportionate. This nation is TINY and insignificant as far as resources. The only thing it could serve as is what it served as in the time of the Crusades...a foothold in the region and a symbolic foothold; control of the Holy Land. For some reason- and not really on any Zionist conspiracy thing- the whole thing gives me the chills when combined with current events. For some reason, I think the only Nuclear Weapons allowed in the Middle East will be those marked US and aimed, always, at the middle east.
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