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Nuevo Laredo gundown

Published by ivonnemoreno in the blog ivonnemoreno's blog. Views: 50

In this article, a chief of security in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico was “gunned down” February 2, 2011. Although officials of the state do not want to let others know, there are thoughts that there could have been other killings of relations. Castillo later goes on saying that there are many drug dealers and that they could have something to do with it, “ Nuevo Laredo is one of the battlegrounds that is being contested by rival drug cartels”
Castillo does not say if it has been resolved because it was recent crime, and they could have many possibilities. In this article, Castillo is using ethos when he is writing the article for the CNN, a well known news. The emotion of having a policeman shot down by drug dealers would be the pathos of the article. Everyone feels strong about drug dealers taking part in the everyday ruins of the world and maybe that is the kind of pathos Castillo is trying to portray. The timing of Nuevo Laredo being a battle ground corresponds to the shooting of the officer. If they do come to a conclusion of the cartel being responsible it would make a great deal of logical sense, which in this case Castillo is using as the logos of the article. But having the logic together with the timing of other killings then I would say that the logos part of the article would also be the karios of the article. Castillo’s use of rhetorical analysis was fantastic although not clear.
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