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Published by KaraLouiseGill in the blog KaraLouiseGill's blog. Views: 153

Are my words silent,
Can't you hear my voice,
Am I that invisible,
Can't you see my tears,
Am I so insignificant,
What am I to you,
Can't you feel me,
I'm touching your hand,
Even if I scream,
You still won't hear me,
If I stand in your way,
You still wont see me,
If I tell you what you are to me,
Will that make a difference,
Will you fix all the brokenness,
That I've become,
I can't feel, I'm so numb,
I just want to run away,
At least it will make sense then,
Why you don't hear me,
Why you don't see me,
Maybe then I'll mean something,
When I'm gone,
If only for a little while,
Maybe you'll miss me,
Or maybe I'll find where I belong.
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