Numbing is the Cure

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Your face is something blank,
Are you hoping to be painted
An expression by someone
Who’s somehow less lost as we are.

I am awake and feeling sleepy,
I’m alive but feeling drained,
Dreams I had were proven worthless,
Now I’m just living by the day.

I feel satisfied and peaceful,
That took me all the strength I had.
It felt horrible when emptied,
From all the hopes and dreams I had.

All the values that you pursue
and all the people that you love
They’re needed as foundations,
but when their grounds shake, all is lost.

Your face is much like mine,
Both our grounds shake, crammed with vultures,
Our dreams will fall one at a time,
Until they’ve all gone down in ruptures.

All we want is everything,
What we need is satisfaction.
If you’re at peace with this nothing,
Then you’ll be in power, like I am.
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