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Numero dos! poem included!

Published by Kontrast in the blog Kontrast's blog. Views: 164

You would think after taking a Creative Writing class ON poetry I would be a decent poet....well you thought wrong!!! HA! I haven't written an actual poem in over a year, but when I looked through my old works I saw one or two that I DID enjoy. Here is one of them:

The Un-drowning Day

The day can draw blood
break bones and suck tears
from the very marrow of our minds
and veins of our souls;
the dripping faucet of torturous hours
pooled in the bottom of our hearts
so it feels like drowning in a sea of glass
as air escapes from cuts in our chests
desperately missed by our shattered bodies-
You see us struggle to keep above
today's turmoil and tomorrow's shadow
and sometimes we believe that seeing
is the sum of your intentions
while we slip away-
twitching bodies under the ocean's waves-
But you promised to be there and so you shall
as certain as today and hopeful as tomorrow
the sun's promise to our covered heads;
light will rise from the darkest depths.
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