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Today was the last of my exams/mid terms and lucky me the hardest two were on the same day. I started the early morning with AP US history, a class I'm just barely able to scrap by with a C. I'm not stupid, the grades in my others classes prove that, it's just this class is somehow more difficult than the others. I had fifty five minutes to complete eighty one questions, but I found that to be fairly easy and finished with time to spare. (Twenty minutes or so.) The last time I took a test in that class and 'thought' it was easy, I ended up failing. So I'm kinda panicking as to what I scored. (If the score brings my grade down to a D+ then I better mark my own tombstone.)

Things didn't really get better from there. My next exam was Jazz band. What's so hard about Jazz band? If you can play then you can pass it easy. And it's not like I have anything to study but the notes on the page right? Wrong. I pretty much had a test of the history of Jazz and the most important people of Jazz. (Armstrong, Duke Ellington.) That didn't turn out too well. I missed enough to prevent me getting a B at best. The second half of the exam was next and slightly relieving. The Band director let us choose what piece of music we wanted to be tested on. So I picked one I was most comfortable with but it wasn't all that great. I don't do well under pressure like that. I managed to get an overall score of 80 which is a C, but I should have to worry about it too much. It was not a pleasant day at all though and I'm already dreading Finals when they come around...
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