Oasis: The Secret

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“What ever you want” I yelled over the roaring wind. It felt like the thunderous clouds were mocking me. “Please, just let him go, and you can have what ever you want from me”

The predator’s eyes lit up as he acknowledged my concession. His hands were gripped tight around Liam’s neck.

“No, get out of here… now” Liam tried to scream to me, but the predator only tightened his grip.

I winced. “Please” I cried. “Look I’m here, I wouldn’t lie…just tell me what you want” my words rushing out in a flurry of angst.

The predator looked into my eyes, they smoldered a color that was non existent on the color spectrum.

“Just tell me, what do you want?” I asked weakly.

He paused for a moment then a devilish smile reigned across his face.

“I want you”

Chapter 1 : Secret

“You can’t blame him” I said nonchalantly as I opened the passenger side door.

“The hell I can’t” my best friend Ruby chided as she turned the car on.

“Rube, he has liked you for how many years now? You have avoided him for how long now? You can’t get mad at James for asking Lyn out” I had my cell phone out going through some old texts from last night that I didn’t bother returning.

“Wow, so you’re taking his side?”

“I’m not taking any side”

“That’s the problem” she spat out “You’re my best friend, you should be taking my side all the time”

“Even if you’re wrong” I asked snidely.

She paused to think about it before she answered. “Especially when I’m wrong”

I laughed out, her face was still serious. “Oh, come on Rube”

She sighed and a small smile peeked from her features. “I guess you’re right. I just wish I didn’t like him so much, no better yet, I wish I would have known sooner that I would like him so much”

“I told you two years ago that you liked him, but you never listen to me” I said as if my feelings were hurt.

“I always listen to you” she exclaimed as if I offended her.

“True” I simply stated.

We both laughed as she turned into the school parking lot.

“Look, there he is” Ruby said inconspicuously.

“Who James…? Is he with Lyn?” I turned to where she was looking, only to see someone that I wasn’t too fond of.

“No, your lover boy Liam” she teased.

“Ugh” I turned back around angrily “I can’t stand him, he has got to be the most egotistical, self centered, self righteous jerk I’ve ever met in my entire life”

“And gorgeous, don’t forget most gorgeous”

I looked at Ruby like I was disgusted.

“Sorry” she laughed. “Well, don’t look now but he is walking over here”

I sighed; I wish I was able to disappear right now…I think I actually considered it.

Before I could drudge up a plan I heard three soft taps on the passenger side window.

I could see Ruby smiling in the corner of my eye as she got out of the car. I just sat there looking forward.

“Hey Ruby” I heard him say as she walked by. I’m assuming she smiled and or nodded because I didn’t hear a response.

“Mackenzie, are you just going to ignore me?” he beamed peering through the window.

I just sat there, arms folded across my chest and eyes staring out the windshield. I knew this would probably make me late for class, but at the moment I didn’t care.

“Ok” he said his tone a bit more serious “Just to let you know, I’m very persistent”

I expected him so say something else, I was convinced that he loved the sound of his voice but to my surprise it was complete silence.

I slowly looked up, only to see him standing there, like a modern day sculpture.

We made eye contact and I quickly turned my head back towards the windshield. I could see a smile form on his lips.

“You can’t stay in there forever, and I have nothing but time” his voice sounded wistful.

I wanted to smack him. But he was right; I couldn’t stay in here forever. And he looked adamant, I believed him when he said he had nothing but time.

I sighed as I grabbed my book bag from the back seat. I opened the door slowly, before he grabbed the door handle and opened it the rest way for me. In that same motion he went to grab my book bag that looked to be about a trillion pounds.

“I got it” I said angrily as I hoisted it over one shoulder.

“Ok” he said as he let his hand fall to his side.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” I asked annoyed.

“Well, yea there is actually. Can you meet me somewhere Saturday night?…this is really important…”

I looked at him confused. Was he seriously asking me out? Did he not realize I hated him?

“No” I said simply as I kept walking.

He grabbed my arm “Mackenzie, it’s important. I need to explain something to you and I can’t do it here”

As badly as I wanted to crush the glimmer of hope in his eyes, I was curious as to what he needed to tell me. I paused for a moment contemplating before I finally conceded.


He looked as if he were hoping I would say no. “The clearing behind Madigan’s” before I could ask any questions he was walking away.

I just stared at him as he walked off, confusion covering my body.

Chapter 1 Part II

It was especially cold out, as I stood a few yards behind Madigan’s in the clearing waiting for Liam. He told me to be there at 8pm it was now close to 8:15pm.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he stood me up, that was the type of person I was pegging him for. I looked at my cell phone one last time. I told myself I would give it 5 more minutes then I was gone.

As I stood there I mulled over reasons why Liam-of all people- would need to speak with me privately.

Then panic coursed through my body. What if he knew? I thought to myself. What if he was threatening to tell my secret I would have to leave…again. It was impossible I’d covered my trail impeccably there was no way he knew…no way anybody knew.

And if did he know wouldn’t he be afraid? Wouldn’t he think I was some type of freak? Why would he want to meet me alone at night? Something wasn’t adding up.

If he knew, how did he find out?

“Mackenzie” I heard my name being called behind me and I jumped before I turned around.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you” Liam apologized “And I’m sorry I am late”

I looked at him frozen, my eyes wide. There was no way I could allow my secret to be exposed.

“Mackey, what’s wrong?” Liam questioned. His eyes concerned.

“Why are we here Liam” I said lowly, the back of my mind contemplating what I would do to him if he knew my secret.

He paused as his eyes met mine, I didn’t see fear but I did see understanding.

“Dolandrous” he said lowly his eyes set seriously as he glared at me.

And my fears came true.

“Liam how did you…”

“Is that your father…?” he interrupted.

“I’m sorry Liam; I can’t let you do this to me” my voice acid

Before I knew it I was standing in front of him my right hand at his jugular.
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