Obscurities Discovered (Part 1)

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Henry was a young man with no intention to do much of anything with his life. He had a less than mediocre job washing dishes at a small country buffet, and he preformed his duties there in a less than mediocre fashion. He lived in the basement of his parents house. His free time consisted of playing video games, smoking pot, and shooting soggy balls of tissue paper into a twenty dollar Costco wastebasket.

Henry graduated high school in nineteen-ninety. Aside from starting a Nirvana cover band that was mutually discontinued in a smoky garage, he had never accomplished anything "worth a damn" according to his father.

Henry attempted to saved money for about two years after high school. He managed to accumulate over five-hundred dollars before he blew it all on a brand new quadruple-percolated bong; the bong of his dreams.

(Ok I am drunk and getting tired. I will continue the saga tomorrow.)

p.s this will be an ongoing blog that hopefully will develop into something. ;)
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