Ode to Arthur C Clarke

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I am watching 2010 for the squillionth time and my awe remains undiminished. I don’t care that the turmoil between the USA and the USSR plays heavily and datedly in the story-line. It is of no importance. It is only a symbol of what does not matter against the backdrop of what does: The idea that we are just children, babies, taking our first tentative steps in this vast universe.

His stories always have the power to erase my feeling of jadedness and refresh me with the knowledge that youth is a state of mind, not a description of my body.

As a man of profound genius and foresight, he gave us as much science fact as he did science fiction. He conjured the very telecommunications satellites by which you are reading this blog and made it possible for me to speak to my friends in the Midwest, the U.K., India, and Australia as easily as if they were in my own living room having a cup of coffee or tea or chai with me. He made it possible to be a citizen of The World.

He changed the world

That he was a quiet and unassuming member of the gay community who never denied us in his work, nor made of us an axe to grind, just makes me want to give him a big cosmic hug.

Cheers to you, Arthur. Cheers.
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