Ode to Love.

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Ode to Love

When in the quest of Love
I met thee...
The infancy buried in heart
For the last twenty years
En lived again.

You like the dawn
That proceeds the day
Came to this life
Yearning for darkness.

Enthusing hope thou led
This tombed cold heart
To beat with rejuvenated spirit.

Running through the
Veins is not the
Crimson blood but the air
Exhaled by thee that the
Heart alters to beat.

Slaving is this soul
To those eyes that
Have the sublimity of mountains high
And oceans deep...

Chanting in my mind is
Those love filled words of ours
That like some melodious prayer
Keeps me a captive...

Longs now this life to
That starry night
When two souls thine and mine
Unite and do never apart...

You are the answer to my silent prayer during slumber
My Christmas present, my birthday wish,
All bowed in thy form.

Now this heart belongs to that Paradise...
Which mortals named Love
It is indeed the reflection of Heaven
Reigned by You...

Vivek Agarwal
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