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Of Emoticons

Published by GrahamLewis in the blog Reflections on My Golden River. Views: 101

Back when I reported for work in an office on a daily basis, I developed a deserved reputation as one who despised emoticons. My co-workers never used them with me, save to kid or irritate me. I still have that attitude. And yes, I well precede the millennial generation, but I don't think this is simply an old man rant.

I bring this up because every site I visit, include this one, has ample examples of them.

The reason I dislike them is that they strike me as cheap communication, a way to try and amplify a communication instead of writing it in a way that stands on its own. I understand the rationale for them in emails, on a limited basis -- because of the risk of having a facetious or half-facetious message taken as hostile, a little smiley-face or winking emoticon serves as insurance. But for any other purpose, careful writing should suffice. The emoticons just strike me as too "cutesy."

If anyone is planning to respond to this with a slew of emoticons, please resist the temptation. It's been done before, and was not funny the first time.
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