Off to find some reading material. Do some reveiws after a little bit of fun literary dissection. I will find you. :P

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Well I figured since I am kinda stuck on my own WIP currently, and that
my sister was so kind to send me a 50$ gift card to Amazon. That I could
get in some reading, something that I haven't done enough of the past six
months. Might possibly find something out there like mine, that is sitting
on the digital shelf collecting dust waiting for some love. :)

And to make this adventure more fun, I will be looking for your (fellow forumites)
books. Sounds scarier than it is (that and I have already read one of the worst stories
that I think made Bet Me look like a masterpiece in comparison), so I think I have
my harsh critique out of the way. Though I am the hardest on my own work, that one
was definitely winning the WTF and this is Batshit all over the place awards.

Since I know that you are all way better at writing than I, there will not be any
disappointment. Spread some love and support back to you guys for putting up
with me, and helping me along the way.

(PS: Don't look at my dedication page. It might make you smile.) :p

So here I go. Off to find the next set of fictional adventures. :)

And there is nothing you can do to stop me.
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