Oh God 1

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A knock at the door and a shout "Parcel for Frank McCormack". Frank goes to the door and there's the spitting image of George Burns puffing a cigar and smiling.
Frank is 25. Young . Lots of optimism, lots to plans. Life holds so many options . His body is young and bursting with energy. But he recognises George Burns from his movie Oh God with John Denver in the lead.
Burns: "Well aren't you going to let me in? I am God, after all."
Frank: "Is this some kind of practical joke?"
Burns: "My jokes are more highbrow than that. No, it's me. You gotta believe Frank. You gotta have faith. You never had enough faith in yourself or me, did you? Well here I am with this parcel. It's a DVD. I want you to watch it and answer some questions after for homework. Can you do that for me, Frank?
Frank: "Well, I suppose I should go along with this, even if it seems like a dream."
Burns: "Aint no dream, Frank." Aint no dream. I gotta go. Got some other deliveries. You take care Frank and try and stay in touch better will you? I'm getting old and I need more attention so pay more visits, can you? Bye"
And with that George Burns, aka God, walks out.
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