Oh sweet ignorance

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I was asked again today, if I was a devil worshiper, I had to laugh; of course I am not a devil worshiper. I don’t actually worship anything. I have love for two entities that surround me in harmony and peace.

I am a Witch, I hold my head high and say that with pride. My belief in the Wiccan religion does not hinder me, it pushes me forward, and it guides me to a good path. The path the Goddess and the God created together with their love.

I love this earth, and the Mother, Maiden, and the Crone. I love the moon that watches down on me, and the sun as it lights up my world with happiness. I love the rain as the God washes away all the impurities of the earth.

I do not bow down to these entities; I bask in the glory of them. I celebrate with them when the moon is full, I wink back at the sun behind the clouds, and I love them. With all my heart I love my Goddess and my God.

So tell me I am going to hell once more, please tell me of your god’s love and then tell me he could send me to burn for eternity in the same sentence.

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