Oh, the Joys of Parenting!

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Let me preface this by saying that I am aware that there are joys to parenting. Tonight it just doesn't happen to be raining down the joy.

I've had very little sleep for about 5 days now. My daughter has an ongoing cough that keeps her awake in the night. Worse than that is the fact that my husband and I have not made the wisest of decisions lately about how to handle her unwillingness to go to bed to begin with. We've been placating her with a couple of ounces of milk in the night, which has now created a habit.

Result? I'm exhausted. I'm sitting here in front of the computer writing on this blog at 1:30am, knowing full well that my day officially begins at 5:30am. It's off to teaching again for me until I return with more baby duty until 8:30pm.

She seems to be trying to go to sleep finally, after rocking, singing, and medicines. However, now my ears are tuned in to her coughing and I literally cannot fall asleep as long as I hear the sound. I've turned on the television, hoping that the background noise will drown her out, and now I'm making myself some tea in the hopes that it will help me relax and go to sleep.

I'm not sure how much longer I can take this sleep schedule. This afternoon I broke down in tears because I was just so dang tired. Pretty much anything can set me off crying after about 4-5 hours a night for a week. I'm definitely not a college student anymore; I simply can't manage my active day without sleep. At least in college I could squeeze in naps in nice, quiet dark rooms alone.

I wish I had a room to escape to that was absent of snoring, coughing, crying and all manner of distraction. I could stay there for a day or so at least, I think. No fighting for blankets from the hubby and no snoring in my ear would be a nice change of pace.

And my husband wants to try for #2. <snort> Yeah, right.
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