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Oh, you can see me?

Published by zorell in the blog zorell's blog. Views: 65

Sometimes I wonder if I exist at all, or if I'm just the figment of a collective imagination. I see that all those around me are alive, but I just survive. I can't live life to the fullest, and won't be able to change that- sadly.

I wonder often, if I'm missing something, that Happy Teen Gene that so many seem to flaunt, but alas- I don't possess. I try to smile, it gets me nowhere. I try to laugh, it gets me nowhere. I try to blend in, but I can't.

And, it seems, I have personalites not even I have met. They seem to take over, just as I think I'm winning somebody over. And then I lose it all.

Down...dOwn...doWn...dowN... I fall.

Sure I accomplish things, but it doesn't really matter if not a soul cares.

So, on through life shall I ghost. Floating here, there, oblivious, aware. A barnacle of sociality, among so many, yet alone perpetually.

So, please don't be surprised if you say "Hi," and recieve a truly startled, "Oh, you can see me?!"
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