Okay, this is my first blog.. so yeah.

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Last night, I'd spent all night working on a poem I began to write, Spent some time trying to learn the song Jar of Hearts on my keyboard, and played halo reach on xbox ( yes I'm a but of a nerd :D) SO, It was only natural I slept in this morning. When I woke up, I woke up to a surprise. IT WAS ACTUALLY WARM! haha, It was 86 degrees fahrenheit :) so I went jogging, and then Practiced with my flag for colorguard. :) I plan to have a long week this week. :( I'm going to have to practice my music pieces for my saxophone this week like crazy!! Concert festival is coming up on Saturday! Yikes! Last years concert festival, I had to Go to the hospital by ambulance during it, Because of an asthma attack. So, this year I'm hoping it won't be as bad. haha. Other than that Thursday I have to go to the orthadontist, to get my rubberbands on my braces changed, I'm not overly fond of that place though, and when I get back I have colorguard practice.. :) Well, I'm guessing by now you guys are probablly are getting tired of listening to me go on and on, So, I'm going to stop here. Hope everyone has a great day!
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