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I was a little bit bored today so I started rummaging through my old stuff and I came across something which I last edited over five years ago.

This is it and it's titled 'Life after Death'. The only thing is I'm not to sure what it was supposed to be.

Please someone help me,
I'm dying right in front of you.

The pain cripples me,
The heartache stabs me,
And this life drops me.

I'm nothing more then a faded memory,
Forgotten by most,
Failed by most,
And left to exsist in this neverending misery.

Please someone save me,
I'm falling into despair.

I'm far away from you,
I'm lost in the Neverworld,
I'm dying in this thoughtless world.

Come a little closer and You'll die,
Come a little closer and I'll kill you myself.

You know it makes no sense,
I know it makes no sense.

You left me for dead,
And now you are the one,
Far away from me,
Lost in the Neverworld,
And You're thriving in this thoughtless world.

Come a little closer and I'll die,
Come a little closer and you'll kill me yourself.

Please someone save you,
From me.

I think it was meant to be song lyrics, but I'm sitting here thinking, 'seriously, did I do that'.

I might try putting that with some heavy metal music, screeching guitars, banging drums and a second singer going 'ARRRGH' in a slightly demonic tone.
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