OMG! Stupid voice

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How many people like their writing voice?

I remember writing a story once for a non-fiction class. It was the first of four. I enjoyed writing it. The words just flowed out and there was not an ounce of dissonance between my Self and the writing. When workshop time came around, everybody liked my story best. But in the remaining three stories I didn't incorporate my real voice, and lo a behold they were critiqued to d.e.a.t.h. But it's okay, because I didn't like the stories either.

It's weird to be able to tell your story is good or not. There are times when I write a story and I'm not sure if someone'll like it, and the story ends up crummy. But I know of a couple of instances when I just knew the story was quality. I hate it though, because it sounds really conceited to me to 'just know' my story is good.

Sometimes I hate me voice though, because it's really sarcastic (this right now isn't my real writing voice btw =P) and I'm trying not to be a sarcastic person, because it annoys people. I guess with writing it's different though, because if you don't like it you can put the book down. But people like sarcasm, as long as it's not directed at them, so it's a-okay to write like that. Still, it unnerves me to write that way. I have to admit that I'm more productive and satisfied that way though.

Random Factoid: I like the word 'though'
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