On Fire

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Today after several months, I finally got an opportunity to sit quietly and do nothing in my flight to Melbourne from New Delhi. When I say quietly, it doesn’t necessarily indicate towards the vocal sounds emitting from the human face’s cavity surrounded by the lips, but this time it is the quietness of the mind. The tranquil state of the brain unknowingly opens those channels where from come the deepest of the thoughts. The silence deep in the heart is the place where resides the mind in it’s supreme state of solitude.

I was wondering what this phenomenon actually is, how come sometimes, I don’t hear any noise outside and how come sometimes, it’s all blabbering everywhere? How can sometimes, one can be so unperturbed despite of the quaking external events around? Is it due to the happiness….No, it’s a state of sublime state of serenity when one finds true bliss. Is it eternal… no, probably not. I still have not mellowed to a stage I can experience “Eternal Bliss”; but don’t I love this moment when the brain stands still like a placid lake and thoughts outpour effortlessly in their purest and unadulterated form.

While looking back, lately, 2 kinds of events have always triggered the eventual achievement of such transcendental form; one is the event of separation from my family and another, the event of reuniting with them. Such contradictory events and yet such similar impact….. Well, the impact might seem to be similar superficially but at the core it has resulted from two very distinct forces of life. While, between these 2 highs and lows of separation and reunion (not in the same order), vacillates a whole universe of emotions; it’s the 2 extreme tipping points where lies the most apt moment to look deeper into yourself. If one can decipher the individual tendencies and directions to formulate a workable plan, these 2 moments bring forth the momentum which can push you to your deeper core self. I, as per the plan discovered lately, sit silent and try to meditate. The energy once channelized in the right direction puts you in front of yourself, in no time.

Has it worked for me…. Well, my friends who are known to the reckless Vishal might easily agree on reading this sober form of the same person. The right alchemy of thoughts and actions can work in the right way. It’s like a process where a magnifying glass is put in broad daylight to concentrate the sunlight onto a single object for so long that it eventually catches fire….. It seems, currently, I am on fire…..;)
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