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On song and a mood

Published by TheSerpantofNar in the blog TheSerpantofNar's blog. Views: 270

Music or song has come to play a important role in my writing it helps me get to that place of feeling and knowing. My favorite type of music is soundtracks mostly film as certain scores are ment to evoke mood,atmosphere my current story which I'm writing involves much sadness and guilt yet it's horror though more tinged with sadness then I have done recently. Listening to the culture and time where a story takes place is paramount in getting it right.

It could be a happy southern tune or civil war song of loss but both help get the mind in writing form. Obviously not everyone writes with music but it really does help and classic,storied music can really effect how you write characters its certainly helped find their voices which I can have issues with.

I figure im doing characters justice by listening to their era's even if they are long forgotten tunes. Well that's it for this impromptu blog post :)
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