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Ok, so I have spent about a month or so pondering over my story and how to tell it. I've started the book, scrapped everything and restarted the book again.
My main characters are relatively set although I am still working on getting to know them and hoping that my MC can really be a hero - cos he seems a bit of a sap at the moment. Maybe he will grow in strength by the end of the book.
I have the beginning and the end in mind and I know what I want the reader to get out of reading the book at the end of it, it's just putting exciting plot elements together that I am battling with.
Getting the time to "write every day" like they tell you is a mission and there is no way that I have that much time on my hands but I am going to have to get more disciplined if I hope to have anything half way complete in the next year or two. I've wasted enough time and I need to get my story out there. It's all about priorities.
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