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One down seven more to go

Published by Gloom Kitty in the blog Gloom Kitty's blog. Views: 87

Just a list of what I've been subbing to various magazines, enzines and so on. I got my first acceptence for this group today, I'll follow up with a list of what I'm editing and putting in next.

Poetry submissions update

Online magazine submissions

Poetry: American magazine?

Poems submitted: disease of the birds and Epithalamion
Status not viewed as of yet.

Twisted tongue magazine: English

Poems submitted: Wandering death
Status: not viewed as of yet

Spark bright magazine

Poems submitted: A lore unto himself
Status Not viewed as of yet

Dark Gothic resurrected magazine

Poems submitted: perfection
Status Accepted. Publication due out in October.

The Rose and Thorn

Poems submitted: Glass Blossoms, her lullaby, the introduction
Status Not yet viewed.
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  • Gloom Kitty
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