One Time at Walmart...

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Me thinking back again. I could make a whole series of "One Time at..." if I wanted to. Ha, ha.

Okay, so it's 4 AM. My friend Ray and I are at IHOP and decide that Walmart is the most happenin' place to be. First of all, Ray kicks ass. He's about 7 years older than myself, but made it to my "inner circle of friends" in like 3 days. He's just that awesome.

Note: There MAY have been alcohol involved in this story.

So we're at Walmart and we pass through an aisle of display toasters. I was like, "Oh, my God, we NEED to make toast!"

Not a second later, Ray grabs the largest toaster he sees and we started heading toward the food section. Then we see some employees stacking boxes up ahead.

Ray says, "Excuse me, good sir! I seem to have a problem! You see, last time I bought a toaster here, it sucked. Can I 'test toast' this one?"

Employee: "Well.... Uh... There are plugs down in electronics..."

Hell yes! We start heading that way.

"Hold up," I say. "This is serious business. ...White or wheat?"

Ray: "White. This is America, b*tch!"

And yes, we made toast in the electronics section of Walmart. Left the toaster where we thought it Rockband.
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