One word in front of another, that's easy right?

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Writing should be easy right? One word in front of the other, you know like walking but it really isn't nor is it as easy as riding a bike, it took me until I was 11 to know how to ride a bike and it took time. I had a lot of falls, a lot of times I spent with the bike on it's handles and seat as I placed the chain back on it's sprocket, well maybe writing is more like riding a bike than it is walking.

My favourite part of writing besides the actual writing part is actually telling people who ask 'What do you do?' and I get to say 'I write' and they first give that look of judging as if I'm a hippy and I spend all my time laying down getting high and writing, that might actually speed up the writing process but it's not how I write, then they make this comment, 'Oh is that it, you only write?' like any Tom, Dick and Harry could write, to be honest yes any Tom, Dick and Harry could write, any Jackie, Ann and Barbara could write, but it is more than putting one word in front of another.

It isn't easy just like riding a bike, something you have to keep doing and doing until you've got it, then it takes continuous balance and knowledge of road safety to stay on the bike, there's actually so much more to writing. There are three tips I keep in mind about writing. 1) Write. 2) Write Often. 3) Always remember why you are writing. I like that last one as I get writers block a lot and I'm constantly having to remind myself why I'm putting myself through this special, hand written, type of fresh hell. Now there are those tips I like but for some there are some unrealistic tips, one I see a lot is WRITE ALL THE TIME. To me that tip would only work for me if I had no children and I was able to dedicate 24 hours to writing, but I still write whenever I can.

How does that tip help the mothers and fathers, the students and the workers. That student that during a physics lecture when he/she gets hit with inspiration and scribbles on a torn piece of their own work book that missing puzzle piece to their epic tale, and the mother/father who is bottle feeding their baby with one hand and with their free hand types frantically the words as he/she knows if they wait those words could be lost, and finally that aspiring writer who has been sitting behind a Tesco checkout scribbling notes on old receipts.

These are the people actually who take that unrealistic tip to WRITE ALL THE TIME and make it realistic, make it fit around their lives. That's what I'm doing, I wish I could sit all day and write until I'm hungry or asleep but I can't so I take it when ever it comes to me. My book may take long to write, edit and hopefully one day publish but it'll be worth it when it does because even if I don't have all the time in the day to work on it, I take full advantage of any free time I have to work on it.

Does anyone else find it difficult to find time in the day to write? Is it really as easy as riding a bike? What are your thoughts I would love to know.
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