KaTrian Apr 7, 2017
I was watching Jim Jeffries' comedy special on Netflix yesterday, and when he was joking about gun control, he said, "you know you don't really need a machine gun", and the libertarian in me is like "well, no, but I sure as hell would like to have that choice thank you very much!" and I'm thinking if I should tweet him about it... let him know my opinion!

I bet he cares so fucking much about my opinion.

But then he also mentioned how angry feminists and gun nuts constantly send him hate mail and/or write shit reviews of his shows because they can't take a joke or tell a difference between making a rape joke and raping a woman, and these busybodies can't shut up either. The world must know their opinion.

So I'm like, wow, I don't want to be that prick who tweets him "I want muh machine gun".

What was my point? Sometimes it's better to just let it go. Pick your battles. Hate on Bill Cosby, the man who rapes -but does not tell rape jokes- and let the man who only jokes about it be. Similarly on this forum, sometimes it might healthier to everyone to just let it go.
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