Opposition: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2​
The collectors told the parents they wanted to "help" their child, just as all the commercials said between every show on television. Luckily some parents didn't fall for their web of lies and didn't allow there children to be taken and some even went into hiding. In the beginning of what came to be known as "the collection" the collectors actually offered a choce, most refused but some actually gave their kids up for the promise of making their child better.

Once the government figured out the powers these children posssessed there was no more choice offered in the matter, breaking all of the rights granted as U.S. citizens. As more and more children were forced from their homes, families began to fear the collectors and started leaving their homes or making shelters.

The whole world was dipped in chaos. 3rd world countries erupted into battle because everybody wanted control of the "special" children. The bigger countries didn't initially have conflict with other countries. They had enough trouble trying to gather their own army and everyone was waiting on which country would attack first.

The thing is there are no guns anymore. A law was passed in 2012 by the United Nations saying all guns had to be destroyed and no more could be produced.

United Nations thought this would ease the tension of war. In the beginning it did but gradually countries started pointing fingers at one another and tempers flared like unchecked volcanoes. For a few years war erupted but the way of fighting changed greatly. For long rage all they had to use was bows and most of the fighting was done with swords.

The fighting eventually died down about the time X-602 was created. Tension was still high among most countries though, so when these special powers were found out you can see why governments would seek to contain and control everyone who could use these powers.

Now i would like to tell whoever is reading this about the part I played in this mess. I guess i'll start form the beginning.
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