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Something's been on my mind for a while.

I want to continue writing a trilogy I've been planning for some time. Originally, I called it 'Cliche Breaker' when I thought up a simple RPG plot I wanted to make into a game using RPGMakerXP. The title was corny, but it got the point across.

After much research, I decided to change the project name to 'oSphere', which is short for Omphalosphere or Omphalos Sphere. It is about hyper-reality and a young man's power to control Murphy's Law. It is no longer a game, and the story has matured.

The name 'pseudoworld' seems appropriate somehow. It is not the Matrix, nor is it about Dreams and fake reality. I want to put a new spin on old supernaturalism. The question of God is a matter of author analogy and the laws of the universe are determined by the laws of TVTropes, Dramatic Theory, Finagles Constant, and Murphy.

I have about two dozen pages of research and written discussions to go through. Time to organize the details and get to work writing the story.
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