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Our Lips Touch Light Crimson

Published by Rem Nightfall in the blog Rem Nightfall's blog. Views: 468

Okay, so you all know A Kiss From Light Crimson.
My Races are here in my other blogs. Races 1 and Races 2. Well this is a string off of the idea, the events of Our Lips Touch Light Crimson is before the Generator Blows up. And each chapter will be identified as IDs. You like a drivers ID except this is a worker ID. And each chapter is like a little diary entry following different characters. The characters we will be following have a quick overview, just a very quick summary about them that I will be posting up late called The Files.

ID Name: Ross Voird
ID Number: 001

Commander and chief is what they call me. Ross Voird commander and chief. I am the one who started this whole project. I am the head scientist and I controlled everything about this project.
I even controlled the bonehead military people. And they have the decency to call me commander and chief. I wish something would just swipe their head off. With out me and my little project those scientist and most of those official wouldn't have a job.
I am not just a commander and chief. I am a manager, a boss, and leader. They should be calling me master or at least worshiping my great project.
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