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Pandora Selections w/ Explanation

Published by kenver in the blog kenver's blog. Views: 227

My most frequently listened-to Pandora stations and my reasons for listening to them:

Ikue Mori: this music makes me feel cool in an artsy-sophisticated-fringy way. It kind of shows that what we conceive as "rhythm" is not one dimensional--as in points representing triggers on a line representing time--but extends into the dimensions of tone, volume, timbre, etc. I think of these as the tonal dimensions, and I think rhythm is very important.

Noveller: this music makes me feel cool in an artsy-sexy-lonely way. It is similar to the music of the Ikue Mori station but with more of an emphasis on spaces and emotional states. I think space is very important. In my view, space and the tonal dimensions constitute the "creative" or "art" or "generative" or "mystical" field.

Charles Mingus: this music makes me feel cool in a artsy-rebellious-intellectual way. Jazz after Charlie Parker (approximately 1940 to the present) emphasizes the performance nature of music. Even the compositions of this period feel as though they were performed onto paper. I think performance is very important because it is, in my view, the way in which we engage "creation" or "art" or "generation" or "the mystical."
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