Pantser or Planner.... or Plantser?

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I have a fascination with concepts and topics that hold a strong tendency to divide people into camps. The fascination lies in what is it about these particular topics that touch the berserk button in some people, where other topics don't possess the same ability.

Maytag vs. Whirlpool

*Who cares? Which one's on sale?*

Apple vs. Android

*ICBM's launch in both directions, mutual destruction assured*

Mac vs. PC

*Each side sends in a HALO team to take out the opposing Command Center*

MS Word vs. Scrivener

*Propaganda Machines thrum to life to send their indictments of heresy and treason*

Gay vs. Straight

*The seeds of cultural destruction are seen on both sides from both respective sides. Cthulhu is come.*

... and so it also seems with planning and pantsing. Hard to even ask an innocent question of the other side, out of simple curiosity, without saliva splattered brick-bats being brought to bear.

Frankly, I think that for all the investment, it seems more intuitive that the dynamic answers to one similar to that of sexuality. Lots of reasons to pick a camp, yet lots of un-admitted visitation to the opposing side. ;)

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