GoldenGhost May 4, 2012
You are reading tons of things that say to avoid this and to omit that, which, in actuality, is promoting a sense of reprogramming who you are. You should not be ashamed of anything you ever do, if your heart is in it and intentions are good, nor should you let anyone tell you so. The reason that voice has so much say inside your head is because you let it. We're human, and sometimes we forget that we can supress that voice but simply saying no. How do you know everything you have read was right? It sounds to me you have completely given up on the idea of publishing something, based on other peoples 'professional' opinion. If life is about experience, think how interesting that experience can become, how rich it can feel, just by admitting to yourself it is ok to be scared, and to take a risk. There is nothing wrong with jumping into the deep end without knowing how to swim, once you understand you are certainly going to swallow some water, and have faith you will always float. Do what you think you need to do for your novel. Complete it, and take the risk by submitting it to a few publishing houses. The only way you will ever find out what is wrong with your novel, if anything, is through rejection. Who knows? Maybe your novel will not get the stamp of rejection you think it will. I am sure you do not want to spend your life asking the preverbial question, "What if?"

Take a look at one of my blog posts under 'Conversations' with a quote that says "The journey is the reward."