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For hours cartman stared at the picture noticing small details such as people represented by small gray blobs, in what looked like to be a town square, with another grey blob on a podium of wood or rock. He thought that 3 buildings may have actually been on fire, as he could see little red and orange strings flowing violentley out of windows. Browsing even harder he saw a lone figure in the desert under the shadow of a mesa. Strange, thought Cartman as he looked closer but could find no evidence of what the figure was doing. Taking his attention off the painting he looked to the left, seeing a book case he crawled over to it. His arms and fingers burned as they hit the floor when he stopped moving. Wincing he looked at the dark red case, it was like the others filled to the breaking point of books. The books at writing he couldn’t understand, possibly french he wondered. Though he did notice one book titled ‘The Art” He took it out of its crested postion and flipped through the pages. For some reason all the pages seemed to be blotched out in black ink. Another odd thing after another thought Cartman as he flipped through other books with the same results.
Day turned to night as Cartman flipped throught the endless pages of books looking for something explaining the old man. He could find none crawling over to the floor he felt a breeze and could here crickets chirping. It,s night thought Cartman, the man must be asleep its time for me to get out of here.

Using his elbows and the bookcase behind him to get up Cartman limped over to the bone. He tied it on his right leg, which he felt the pain in, with his shoelaces. He looked up at the door and hedead to it. Of course it was locked, thought Cartman as the lock was being picked. When he opened the door no one was around, he stoped for a second as he had seen a small light in the room across him. He had to get out though, so Cartman winced and “ran” to a window that was open. Through the reflection he could see another light go up behind him. Cartman dropped his mouth and tried to push the window higher but the man was already there.

“I can tell your trying to tell me something, and I think you are right. What I was going to do tonight would not be the right way to finish you off! How thoughtfull, now please go back in the room before you ruin yet antoher surprise!” The man smiled again and pushed Cartman into the room, Cartman shouted in pain, and the man shut the door.

Again Cartman awoke The man standing over him again, with the brass bone. The man walked behind Cartman and gave one solid wack on the leg, spirling pain up Cartmans side. Cartman yelled yet again in pain, the man obviously pleased placed the bone back in its rightfull spot and sat back in his chair. Holding his arm out he wiped sweat from his forehead onto the floor. Cartman did notice the mans mood had shifted from happy to seemingly seriousness.

“Cartman im sure you are wondering,” The man said, lowering his eyes to a glare. “What this picture behind me is all about!” His face again lightend up, as he turned in the chair and pointed to the large picture behind him. “Let me tell you the story to pass the time, after all you don’t have much time anymore, may as well make it enjoyable!” Cartmans eyes hardley moved as the mans lipped opened and began to speak. “You see Cartman I moved to a little town in New Mexico when I was twenty three, my bags were packed and I was ready to start a good life in the small town. After the first few days when I introduced myself to the local populance I, with my great thinking ,went to preacher Davidstien, he was a great god faring fellow allways doing the “right” thing. He sugested that I should go on a hunting trip that was happening the next day. Taking his advice I signed up and was on my way the following afternoon. As we passed inbetween the two large mesas I could notice a few eyes looking down upon me from atop of one. I asked a man who was on top of it he said I must have been imagining it as noone could get on top of one, besides what would be the purpose. The purpose of course would come clear to me later on, anywho don’t worry about it Cartman for we have much to go over! We rode our horses for a few hours no other signs of civilized life could be found. Once the sun became blotched out with the dust the horses were spewing, we got to a large tree. How odd I thought this was a gigantic tree in the middle of a desert, none of the bushes throughout the whole empty landscape could hope to compare to the size of the thing! It wasn’t even dead, infact it looked as healty as a hyper hippo. A few more hours passed as we waited under the braches of the tree, untill a hare come hopping along, it was quickly shot and bagged for a prize. About 13 more hares came and went before the oddest thing I have seen came along. That’s right Cartman you would neve have guessed, a water buffalo! How strange it was not only was there a large tree in the middle of a desert there was also a water buffolo with not even one drop of water around!
I did not stand idle though, picking up my gun I went for the win! Before the others in the group I was able to get off a whole clip of shots more than enough to finish off the beast! I walked over to it and stared at is loonley eyes. How exciting I thought to myself, what an exuburating excperience. The shot of the gun was mere dirt, compared to the crackling thunder of bullet hitting and burrowing into flesh. The whine of the fallin buffalo only made me more proud as the large thing hit the floor.
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