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Part One

Published by Melodi Caro in the blog Melodi Caro's blog. Views: 122

Got to keep running. Can’t stop. Got to keep going. Can’t get caught. Have to keep going. Don’t turn round. Look ahead and keep running. Can’t let him get you. Don’t want to die.
These thoughts just kept running through my head as I ran as fast as I could along the dark unlit alleyways of what was once the public hub of Liverpool city centre. I could still hear his feet pounding against the tarmac or what was left of it anyway, could I risk a quick glance? No don’t turn keep running. My foot caught against a piece of tarmac that was basically standing up in the middle of the road. I flew to the ground face first. I heard a dark chuckle from above me. I felt a heavy foot between my shoulders holding me down against the ground. My face burned where it hit the concrete, and my ankle throbbed. A sharp pain in my neck and then black.

The next thing I knew I was awake, barely, and strapped down to hard table. I turned my head to see around the room. Next to me, on a small metal table, were a collection of small metal medical instruments.

A faint creak behind me as a door opened. Heavy footsteps came closer and then a voice.
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