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I recently met someone who, through only a small scattering of words, caused me to think of a few things from a new direction. Now I should say, this is strictly a friendship, and nothing more. What's important is, this chance meeting sparked these written thoughts as I was thinking about how honest friendships are formed.

~ I wonder as we pass, should I turn and ask your name? Should I just give a shy smile, pull my sweater closer around me and keep in perfect step as I make my way?

My mind is racing as we move step, two steps, your face is hidden, three steps, are you looking my way, four steps...hmmm...another step and we will be face to face.

What if you see too much inside of me...what if I give too much away? Who can know how loudly the unsaid speaks? Who can say what is surmised from a gentle smile and a kind hello?

When faced with a new situation it is always my instinct to run and hide away. My fear and disappointment always wins out. I can never be certain just who is in control of my better sense.

A cool chill runs through my body as the early Autumn wind blows against me. Looking ahead you are standing there. I am looking into your is as if you are thinking the same things that I am thinking.

"Hello" I manage to say. Quietly, you look from my face to the sidewalk ahead. What happens hasn't been said. Life is teetering on this one moment, for everything I know could either be changed or stay exactly the same. A single word has the power to create a shift in the dynamics of my world. Will you say it? Will you take a chance and speak or mumble a slight salutation or will you move quietly past, as if you never saw me.

Friendships...relationships are built upon truths and honesty. Nothing good can come from a non-truth. Lies are painfully hard to overcome and even harder to fade away. They tend to linger in the background even once they have been revealed. Thus, we shy away from what we aren't certain know,those things which confuse and befuddle our rational thinking minds.

So, sweetest stranger on this street of life...what will it be? Do we take a chance on a nice friendship...or do we simply smile, nod and move on our way?

I wonder...what shall become of this meeting?
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