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I work part time in an office, three days a week doing data entry for an Auto appraisal company. It's quite a boring job, but it pays over minimum wage, so I'm grateful for that. But my problem is I don't know what I want. I know what I don't want, what I despise, but knowing what I crave, what my passions are is something I can't seem to quite figure out. Can you really live off of passion?

That's my life question. And I don't know. I suppose a few people have, and probably continue to, but can I? Can I live by writing and by music? By reading? By being?

It's too hard to be. I wish it were easier. I wish we could live how we want to live, without these unnecessary tasks that must be done. But is it possible.

What's possible to begin with though? Where do we draw the line from possible to impossible? From sane to madness?

There's too many lines and not enough spaces in the sand.

To live passionately and poorly or dryly and comfortably.

Now that is the question.
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