People: II

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"Ugh!" Savannah rolled her eyes as her twin sister, Eden, let out a cry of disgust. "What's wrong now? Nonexistent wrinkle?" she commented, sarcastically. "Puh-lease. As if I would have a wrinkle! No, it's nothing for you to concern yourself over, sister." Eden replied through gritted teeth.

Savannah went back to her edition of Vanity Fair as her sister typed away furiously on her lavender sidekick. "Whatever." she muttered under her breath. The years when she and her fraternal twin had actually been inseparable seemed to be so far from her memory. In a way, it was disappointing that they were no longer confidantes; but, Savannah knew it was for the best. Although, now they were basically enemies.

Throughout elementary school and junior high, the two girls had been the combined leaders of the popular clique. They had been the Olympians; Eden the golden Aphrodite and herself the dark Athena. However, when their parents sent them packing from Beverly Hills to the elite streets of London, everything changed. The two were put into Brighten Academy as freshmen and they'd drifted significantly apart.

Eden was interested in fashion, acting, and being a drama queen. Savannah had finally discovered her sisters' true colors. The inner bitch in her sister had truly shown itself those first few months. Eden had partied hard, cheated on her boyfriend, spread a vicious rumor, and betrayed a secret. Savannah, interested in writing, history, and politics had seen an ugly side of her gorgeous sister. After witnessing Edens' paths of destruction on several occasions, Savannah had broken away.

"Why do you read that magazine anyway? There are way too many articles." Eden said, breaking Savannah away from her thoughts. "There's more to life then the latest drinking binges of Lindsay Lohan, Eden." she retorted in irritation. "Um...what's your point?" Savannah ignored Edens' comment and went back to her article on the Middle East.

Savannah suppressed a giggle as her sister tugged at her canary shaded sun dress. Sometimes, Edens fashion statements were a tad extreme. She felt so much more comfortable in her royal purple tank top and True Religion Jeans. The twins were both beautiful and shared model like attributes.

Both had rose petal lips, bronze skin, heart-shaped faces, a sense of style, and soulful, hazel eyes. However, Eden had wavy blonde hair with flecks of opaque and strawberry blonde. Savannah had wavy, dark brown hair with natural streaks of ebony. The Warlow twins were five-seven, beauties who happened to be sworn enemies and the heads of two rival clans.

"If we were still in the same clique I would so write you up for that outfit." Eden said as she wrinkled her nose. "Well, we're not, so you didn't even have to say anything." Savannah retorted with indifference. Eden rolled her eyes and went back to her texts.

"Where's your, where's your, where's your dignity? I think you lost it in the Hollywood Hill." Hilary Duff sang out from the speakers on Savannahs' blood red Sidekick. With a smile, she pressed a button and put the phone to her ear. "Hey, Win! Are you at school yet?" she queried. The raspy voice of one of her best friends filtered over from across the line. 'Yeah, you know my Dad; he dropped me off hours ago. There's a new girl entering the mists." "Oh?" "Yeah, I think it said her name was Rowan McKenzie."

Savannah narrowed her eyes as she processed this new piece of information. A newcomer to Brighten Academy would mean the same thing it meant last year; the two top cliques would determine the girls "clique" potential and then battle it out as to which group she filtered into. Savannah compared it to North and South all over again; each side wanted an equal number of group members and followers.

"Interesting. We're going to have to keep our eyes pealed." Savannah commented. Eden glanced up from her phone and eyed her sister with suspicion. "Well, well, sister. Looks like it's war once again." Eden said softly. "I take it Eden found out about Rowan." Winter commented. "You know the Queen of Mean." "Watch it, Queen of the Amazons." Eden snapped from the opposite side of the limousine.

Savannah ended the conversation with the promise of having coffee the second they finished settling in; she then proceeded to put in her iTouch ear buds and turn on some Mary J. Blige. It was going to be yet another interesting year at Brighten Academy. Naturally, the campus would be divided between the Bellas (Edens' crew) and the Amazons (her territory). What else was new? The Warlow twins were born to be leaders; it was just an unexpected feat that they'd become divided.

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