People: III

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Winter was sitting, in a discreet manner, with her legs crossed and her pale pink Blackberry Pearl as her most lethal weapon. She was waiting patiently for the new girl to appear. Winter wasn't so lost in her mission to size Rowan up that she didn't notice Harlow sitting in the opposite corner. They narrowed their eyes at one another and Winter laughed when Harlow raised her ivory iPhone up in a menacing gesture.

The first person Rowan saw when she staggered into the main entrance for housing at Brighten Academy was an amicable looking young girl about her age. Strikingly beautiful in a an Italian sort of way; she had smoky, chestnut eyes, light pink lips, perfectly arched eyebrows, and dusted tan complexion, she looked perfectly approachable. Oak hued hair fell down past her shoulders and formed bangs on one side of her face. She was dressed simply enough with an authentic, Italian, leather jacket and tan pants.

Meanwhile, Harlow narrowed her hazel eyes as she saw the mysteriously gorgeous Rowan. The new girl was meant built to be a Bella, but the moment Rowan opened her mouth it became clear she had the personality of an Amazon. Rowan's' petite frame presented a lovely young woman with angelic features. Her milky white skin was exposed in the chic looking white lace sun dress over a blue and white striped sun dress. A heart-shaped silver chain dangled between her pear shaped breasts; blonde tendrils framed her sweet face and gently painted, pink lips curved upwards into a tentative smile.

"I will admit it if you admit it. Just please don't flatter yourself. Please don't flatter....yourself." She saw Rowans' aquamarine eyes light up as Aly & A.J. caused her magenta Treo. "Hey, Kent." The conversation started and Harlow noted the lack of confidence behind the softly tainted American accent. The star painted onto the back of her hand indicated the artist which dwelled within; Harlow wondered if Kent was a boyfriend but decided he was more likely to be a brother.

Across the room, Rowan had noticed the voluptuous, blonde beauty oggling her. Harlow had waist length, bleached blonde hair, rouge hued lips, coal shaded eyes, and fair skin. She wore a striped grey and white striped shirt beneath a white and black oriental styled vest to top off a black, pleated skirt. She looked formidable and Rowan was slightly uncomfortable already.

She had no idea that the two girls were from the defining groups of the school or that they were observing her with the meticulous scrutiny. The deal was only half-sealed, though, when Rowan chose Winter. "Um, hi. Sorry, but I was wondering if you have any idea where I'm supposed to go. I'm new here and kind of lost." Harlow glared at Winters' triumphant smile. "But of course. I have a special room for you. Come on, let's get out of housing. It's not meant for people like you and me."
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