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Published by divjyot in the blog rain drops on my wind screen.. Views: 113

A simple staid life
All was taken care.

Deep inside though
Buried a perception
Few lines , a sketch
not yet fully made ;
perchance its a face.

A face perennial ,endearing
metaphysical ,ambrosial
and chaste ,nested since
childhood ,hid behind the
scarlet blood in thy veins.

In life's race and its fast pace
Sometimes in sorrow and in pain
Sometimes in happiness and
when gay
Unoccluded it usurps
Even if for a wink i am
able to have my way.

Years roll by and Glimpses
Of it is what i get
I search ,scratch try
to beget.
With wistful eyes
i look around
Athwarted i Search
The verdant ground.

Alas!!someday i will
see the face
An old bard then :
I shall finally have
my grace
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