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Since I started seriously trying to write, I say seriously because in 2011 I decided I wanted to try to better my writing, I've had many novel attempts through nano and the like. Of all the writing I've done, most of it has not been via short stories. I'm taking a step back from all the novel attempts and getting myself acquainted with the short story. I've worked for the last few days on a piece I'm calling BreWd. I have to say of everything I've tried to write the last few years, this has been the easiest.

My original idea for this piece came to me three or four nights ago, and since then I've written more, but more importantly consistently more than I ever have. So it makes me wonder what's different this time? What did I change about how I normally write. or think about my stories?

Well, for starters, no self-doubt. No is this story idea good enough to take and do something with. None of that will this work, only how can I make things worse for this character?

Then, writing. Nearly continuous writing. I kicked myself for even stopping long enough to take a lunch break from work yesterday. Yes I wrote the lion share of what I have so far at work yesterday, which is not something I normally would do. But it did tell me something important. I write better/more during the day when I'm not at home.

I also found a song that for some reason fits this piece. So I put my ear buds in, and have listened to the same freaking song for several days straight. I think at this point, I don't even hear the lyrics any more, just the melody. That's also a first for me.

I've also changed where I write. Even now as I type this out I'm not at home. I'm sitting in a coffee shop int he next town over drinking a strawberry smoothie. Why? Because it's not home. And so far since doing that, I've gotten another 1500 words out. Yay!

So what's the point of this blog post? Well, I guess it's in the title. Pay attention to your writing process. Some people call this a muse, what ever works for you. But what ever you do, pay attention to the parts of it that work for you. Pay attention, and feed those parts. Sometimes that can mean the difference between not writing for three months, and banging out a piece like your hell-bent to get something out of you.

It's a great feeling when that last part happens, a sort of validation in and of itself. So do it, then do it again and again. If you are anything like me (which you probably are not thank god) that's the only way you will ever get what you want out of trying to be a serious writer.
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