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It was raining. Surging torrents cascaded down off the roofs and small rivers were gushing out of every drainpipe. Puddles quickly merged together and little ponds were forming on every street. Gray clouds squatted overhead and the dampness seemed to seep into her very soul. There was no thunder, no lightning; it wasn’t even very windy. This was just rain not a storm.
She liked storms; they were dramatic and there was electric energy sparking in the air. Storms made her feel alive and invigorated. Rain itself however, was tedious.
Today it was down-pouring. It seemed as though the sky itself was weeping with boredom. Everyone was stuck inside and she felt listless.
She could read her book, but she wasn’t in the mood for reading. She could watch a movie, but none appealed to her. She could exercise, but she didn’t want to at the moment. She’d tried listening to music, but it didn’t hold her attention and eventually it just started to seem like unnecessary noise. It was just one of those days when you wanted to do something, only you didn’t know what. It was such a frustrating feeling. Lord, but she hated this loathsome rain!
Then she realized something: the only thing she felt like doing was complaining. Maybe she’d call her sister and have a nice rant… now, there was an appealing idea.

The rain drummed on the roof, adding a continuous bass beat to the pounding music. Water coursed down the window panes, washing away the grit left behind by a city’s smog. The world had literally been transformed into shades of grey.
He had always loved the rain. It was such a great excuse to spend the day in a lazy manner. He had woken up to the sound of teeming rain and instantly decided to sleep-in. After all, he wouldn’t be heading out and running errands today.
He woke again later on and stayed in bed reading some of his book. Eventually hunger drove him to get up and venture into the kitchen. A bowl of cereal hit the spot perfectly.
The apartment needed a good scrubbing and he hadn’t yet gotten around to it because he had been so busily lately. However today was shaping up into a perfect cleaning day.
He started his laundry and turning up the music he spent the afternoon vacuuming, dusting and just tidying up. He had the entire place cleaned within a couple of hours and then he went for a long, hot shower. Getting out he started dinner and while it was cooking in the oven, he folded his laundry.
By the time dinner was ready, he was exhausted and feeling incredibly accomplished. His home looked great, his clothes were all ready for next week and dinner was delicious. He sat down on the couch and put in an action movie that required no thinking and offered lots in the way of lethal entertainment.
To him, this was the perfect kind of day. He had only worked for maybe a couple of hours and he’d got to sleep in, read a book, watch a movie and have a great meal. Rain was the best kind of weather. It washed everything clean and left the world a nicer place. Also the smell of after-rain was the freshest scent in the world.
Lord, how he loved the rain!
Once the movie was over, he got up and put his dishes in the dishwasher. With a big yawn and an even bigger stretch, he padded off into his bedroom and climbed into bed. At the moment, sleep was definitely an appealing idea.
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