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All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial the numbers ad push send. Actually all you have to do is hold 6 that's her speed dial. Damn it, why can't you just pick up the damn phone, what are you a wuss?

Ok, I'm going to pick up the phone and call her. I reached for the phone. Slowly I brought it to my ear and held the #6, it's ringing. Oh sweet Jesus I'm doing it, I'm calling her. RING, RING, why hasn't she picked up? She must be ignoring me, I knew it, I knew it. She hates me, damn it. Why do I keep doing this to myself. I hung up in the middle of the third ring.

Damn it, what are you a pansy? Next thing you know your going to be to afraid to go to the bathroom because you'll be afraid the thing won't accept your piss. Come on let it ring all the way this time and if she doesn't pick up leave her a goddamn message.

Ok, if she doesn't answer I'll just leave a short message. Nothing long and creepy, short and sweet. Like, "Hey it's Taylor call me back, bye." Nothing complicated. No I can't she hates me, she didn't pick up last time.

Come on, she doesn't hate you. She said yes to the movie didn't she? Now come on call her, she'll pick up. God, if your listening please, please let her pick up, this is torture. If you truly love me you'll have her pick the the damn phone. Oops, sorry about that god slip of my mind's tongue.

Damn, I can't even pray right. How am I supposed to talk to Sarah? I'm getting prayer-tied. What if I get tongue-tied in the middle of the call? I'll look like a damn fool, a stupid goddamn fool.

Call her, come on what could happen? Only two possibilities she doesn't pick up, or she does. Not so bad right? Now call her.

I brought the phone up again, well actually it never left my ear, I was hoping she would call me while I argued with myself. I held 6 again and sweet Jesus she picked up!

"Hey Sarah, just want to know if like around noon was cool to pick you up? I mean only if you still want to go," Damn it why did I say that that sounds so stupid! "I mean, um."
Man I'm so bad at this.

"Yah, noon sounds great. So how was your day?" Wow she is so much better at this than I am.

"Not so great I spent all day wrestling with the idea to call you..." **** did I really just say that out loud? "I mean fine,you know school sucked." Maybe she didn't hear me.

"You did, why would you do that?" Damn she heard and know she wants to know why. ****!

"Umm, no reason I don't even know why I said that. So how was your day?" Woo, maybe I can change the subject.

"Don't dodge the question, why would you have to think about calling me?" Damn she is to smart.

"Ummm, I have to go, my Mom is calling me, Bye" I hung up. Damn it now I'm going to be in trouble, I just hung up on her. You really did it this time Taylor. Nice job.

RING, RING, I looked at the phone. **** it's Sarah, what am I going to do? Answer it you idiot, you can say that you pushed the button on accident.


"Taylor, did you just hang up on me?" ****, she knows!

"No, I accidentaly hit the button," maybe I should just tell her the truth... "The reason I had to think about calling you was because I was nervous. I really like you Sarah and I don't want to mess it up because I'm an idiot."

"Ahhhh, that's sweet, you don't have to worry about being nervous I am too. Well anyways now my Mom is calling me, for real. See yah Saturday at noon." CLICK

Oh my god, she is nervous too. God, she was nervous too!
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