Pirate Book Info: Setting, Characters, Plot, Theme

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Setting: The Open Seas

Characters: Michael Crawford (Captain), Cameron (First Mate), Jonathan (Cabin Boy), Esperanza (Helmsman/Gunner), Chrystina (Cook/Helmsman/Gunner), Maria Louisa (Cook/Helmsman), Margaret (Watchman), Enrique El Terrible (Villain), Mentiroso (crewman of El Terrible), Florecita (prostitute).

Plot: The crew of The Serpent are a band of pirates, some of who have escaped from the evil pirate Enrique El Terrible. They enjoy their freedom by exploring new territories and sailing the open seas. As privateers, they work to recover treasure stolen from their King. As friends, they work to solidify their friendship, encouraging and building one another up while working out their differences.

Theme: The bonds of friendship and love are greater than, and overcome the bondage of fear.
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