Pirate Book Outline

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This outline has been revised to show events in the chronological order of the story. It's pretty basic. I'll probably add more details later.

1. Through her friend Esperanza, Maria Louisa is introduced to Captain Michael Crawford and offered a position on his ship.

2. Maria Louisa reacts out of fear and hesitates on carrying out an order, which results in her being chewed out by the Captain.

3. On La Isla de Ramas, the Captain and Maria Louisa havea talk about how things are going for Maria Louisa on the ship.

4. Maria Louisa puts Jonathan to bed one night.

5. The crew of The Serpent come across another pirate ship, where they meet Chrys, who joins their crew.

6. The Serpent is attacked by Enrique El Terrible and his crew.

7. Maria Louisa faces Enrique El Terrible while prisoner on his ship (after The Serpent is attacked.

8. While in the town of Placeres, Maria Louisa meets Florecita, who helps her escape from Enrique El Terrible.

9. The crew of The Serpent find an uninhabited island that they name Casa de Paz.
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