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Pitch Fest OVER!

Published by AwfulBigAdventure in the blog AwfulBigAdventure's blog. Views: 57

Okay, I survived. It wasn't so bad because... most of the Hollywood folks who came were too busy networking with each other. I did leave a couple of scripts out to be picked up and when I came by at the end of the day, there was only one left! Hurrah!

Now I'm home, celebrating with a glass of wine and the Justice League unlimited. Working on giving feedback here. I think I'm being too rough... but the notes I'm giving are only to be thorough and helpful. Not sure it's really helping me make friends here. I used to have a professor in my undergrad... I hated him at first. I thought he as a pompous arrogant ass. And he was, but his notes were absolutely dead on. You start to get used to it and appreciate that honesty. I may not be an arrogant ass, but being clear and to the point has really stuck with me..
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