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Pixie Litter

Published by Em_Anders in the blog Em_Anders's blog. Views: 127

I had a dream the other night that I was Tinkerbell's great-granddaughter. I was living in an apartment in London and got news someone's pixie daughter had been kidnapped so I flew out my window to help search for her. In the process of searching I came upon a carnival with an enormous Ferris wheel. A little girl was riding the Ferris wheel with her father who was being mean to her. I swooped down and took the little girl. As we were flying away, a blue orb appeared out of nowhere and seemed to be following us. So I turn around to confront it and discover it was a doorway to Neverland. The doorway opened and accepted the little girl but expelled me. Angry, I went in search of a fabled Prince whose Golden Egg could open the gateway to Neverland. I find him but before I could talk to him I’m chased off by his bodyguards. As I’m flying around trying to think of a way to get back into Neverland, I get trapped in a slurpee cup by the mean father from the Ferris wheel.

Since having this dream I cannot stop thinking about it. Pixie business is littering my mind and I’m getting downright frustrated with it. It’s interfering with my other stories! Grr.
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