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Since I wasn't able to do anything yesterday, I'm going to make it a goal, with the entire forum as my witness, that I will at least start, work on, and/or add to a new piece or one that is already in existance. Maybe a short story or something...

Anyways, with that out of the way, I'd like some ideas and oppinions if you guys are willing to share. As a reader I've noticed that a lot of short stories tend to be in modern day societies or alternate versions of such societies (one of my friends does the latter often, and he can do it well). Now, I figure this is because the reader is often not going to have the time or patience to get to know a whole new world with alternate physics and such, which seems like a very plausible answer (It took me all of... I want to say 12 Chapters of The Giver by Lois Lowry to understand that Jonas was experiencing COLOR). Any other oppinions?

Today's writing is going to be one of my first short stories since a while now, and from what I've read on this site it's usually one of the best places to start off. As of now I'm torn between either doing one of the contests on the site, or maybe I'll take a suggestion if anyone has one. Basically I'm just looking for a random tossup idea to at least get started, and who knows where that will lead. Please comment, give me some input, I really do appreciate it! :D
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