Platform Wars: XBOX360vsPS3vsPC

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The end of 2007 saw a number of spectacular games send the year off in style, which were mainly aimed at the next generation consoles. I have been in plenty of arguments over XBOX vs PS but people always seem to neglect the power of the PC. I have recently played CRYSIS, CALL OF DUTY 4, GRAW 1&2, RAINBOW 6 VEGAS and WORLD IN CONFLICT, and it seems to me that the current set of next-gen consoles are at the moment on par if not below the PC.
With PS3 already having frame rate problems with games such as HEAVENLY SWORD, it raises eyebrows as to how much the thing can handle. For me the PS3 will be surpassed by PC within a matter of months and Sony will have a real problem on their hands.
As for XBOX their multi player system is amazing but i have no conclusive evidence over which one holds more users online, XBOX or PC; so in that regard they are somewhat similar to me. Graphically speaking the 360 is on more or less the same level as PS3, but you must consider the release date of 360 being 2005, so for it to be on par with PS3 is something. the next XBOX is going to be something so Sony are in a bother.
Now the PC, its power varies from user to user and is constantly upgradable so as far as this argument goes PC wins hands down, its graphically superior by far. it is with a heavy heart that i have substituted my PS2 console for a PC. Even though the PC might be the gaming centre of the future it will not be able to match the experience of sitting hours on end in front of a TV watching your third person character run around solving puzzles and pummelling bad guys or going online and delivering the business end of your weapons to players globally. In 2008 the argument shouldn't be whether PS3 or XBOX is better, but when the CONSOLES will be able to compete on an equal front with the PC.
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