Playing with Conversation

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I found myself kicked back into a relaxed slouch, my body nuzzled into the soft leather of the couch. Absently I popped a cheesy corn chip into my mouth as I scanned the television channels. What a great invention television is, it’s one of the few forms of “entertainment” that you humans have invented that really does you no good what so ever. It’s mind numbing, and for that I am intrigued.

I hated being kept waiting, and that was exactly what Arian was doing. I found myself scanning infomercials waiting for my very own personal pain in the derriere to show up. I guess in polite terms you could call her my partner.

I was torn between sponge bob square pants, that squid was kind of funny, and another episode of Tom and Jerry. I loved watching the pair carry on, it just never got old watching senseless violence, so much like home. I was starting to think about the coziness of hell fire and brimstone when I heard a plop.

“How can you watch these mindless shows?” Arian’s voice was pitched a little higher than usual.

I shrugged, “What else do I have going on?”

“You could have found some useful employment.” She was working in far more jabs than usual.

“What’s the assignment this time, a nun, priest, a kid with cancer?” I frowned swinging my head to look her full in the face as I popped another chip lazily into my mouth.

Arian scoffed and grabbed the remote from my hand turning off the tv, “You lazy demons..”

“Ouch my pride! That really hurts Arian,” I gave her my best fake smile.
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